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5 tips for sourcing PPE for your business


Preventing the spread of infections and diseases has mattered like never before. As such, sourcing PPE could be the difference between keeping your business open or having to shut. The unprecedented global demand for PPE has undoubtedly placed a strain on the market and on businesses who need it to operate. If you’re stuck, or in need of some pointers, here’s what we recommend…

5 tips for sourcing PPE for your business2020-09-17T10:22:58+01:00


Group senior account manager Paul Keenan today received a letter of appreciation from the Department of Health & Social Care


Built new offices & refurbished HQ


Our new offices include 1000 sq. ft for expansion of our procurement and sales support teams. In addition to refurbishment of our offices and meeting rooms, we also installed solar panels and LED lighting to reduce our environmental impact.

Built new offices & refurbished HQ2020-06-26T12:42:22+01:00

I-Tel celebrates 10 years in business


The company celebrated continued year-on-year growth over the decade. From small beginnings to an offering of over 7 million products, 300 global distributors and monthly cartridge recycling exceeding 10,000 units per month, it’s a proud milestone for the business.

I-Tel celebrates 10 years in business2020-06-26T12:46:22+01:00
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