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The why and how of digital transformation


According to procurement consultant David Holmes, there’s one thing driving digitisation: information. In a world where data is the new oil and cash remains king, the rapid exchange of information is high currency. And for any organisation without a clear plan in place to capitalise on their data, time is running out to act.

The why and how of digital transformation2020-11-05T14:19:05+00:00

Brave new world needs to overcome fear and embrace technology


As the business world slowly regains it’s footing after the COVID 19 pandemic, it will be to procurement that organisations look for help in making a full recovery. Few functions possess the same influence or impact on a business. It has the power to align spend with overall strategy, to improve efficiency and to generate quality through an engaged and empowered supply base.

Brave new world needs to overcome fear and embrace technology2020-10-29T12:13:36+00:00

4 tips for sourcing office equipment


Office equipment accounts for a reasonable proportion of indirect procurement spend – with some estimates as high as £1,000 per person, per year. Despite that, very few organisations have it under control – which is surprising, because it's ripe for optimisation, which lead to cost saving and efficiencies. In fact, it’s relatively straightforward…

4 tips for sourcing office equipment2020-10-26T14:51:28+00:00

5 ways to gain visibility over spend and cut costs


To know where you are going, you need to know where you are – which is especially true of indirect procurement. Gaining visibility over spend is the best way to cut cost, to improve process and to mitigate risk. Without visibility over spend, your strategy is essentially built on guesswork – which isn’t sustainable or viable long-term. Want to gain some much-needed clarity? Here’s how…

5 ways to gain visibility over spend and cut costs2020-10-09T16:24:43+01:00

5 tips for sourcing janitorial products


Hygienic workplaces and premises are essential for the wellbeing and comfort of your staff and visitors. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for cleanliness is even greater than before. Sourcing the right products goes a long way to improving the comfort and safety of everyone as well as the ability of your organisation to operate under new conditions. Not sure where to start? Here’s what we recommend…

5 tips for sourcing janitorial products2020-10-02T10:32:39+01:00

5 tips for sourcing PPE for your business


Preventing the spread of infections and diseases has mattered like never before. As such, sourcing PPE could be the difference between keeping your business open or having to shut. The unprecedented global demand for PPE has undoubtedly placed a strain on the market and on businesses who need it to operate. If you’re stuck, or in need of some pointers, here’s what we recommend…

5 tips for sourcing PPE for your business2020-09-17T10:22:58+01:00
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