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Helping hospitality bounce back, adapt & survive.

Consumer behaviour continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
The impact of Brexit and the pandemic has added huge strain on the retail sector.
Keeping operational costs lean whilst maintaining high standards front of house is essential.

I-Tel can help

Lower Costs

Improve Quality

Maximise Efficiency

We offer a unique blend of operational solutions, supporting some of the UK’s most trusted Hospitality brands.

Choose to utilise our entire retail solution or pick the parts that matter most to you.
 We guarantee to reduce your cost whilst improving quality and maximising efficiency.

And the best part… its really easy to get started and the savings begin from day one.

Read on for a summary of our award winning approach and the options available.
Discover how we have successfully delivered savings in excess of 15% for our Hospitality clients.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to hospitality.

Your guests expect a seamless, tailored experience and this is also true of the hospitality organisations we serve.

I-Tel’s approach is to start with a discovery call to gain an understanding of your specific needs, wants, challenges and goals. 

Following that, we formularise a bespoke solution proposal for your consideration.

What you need, when you need it

We act as an agile and responsive external resource, supporting your ability to focus on core business activities.

Here is a summary of the options available to you.

Real results that are built to last

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Identify activities where you can quickly reduce cost, optimise effort, eliminate waste, and increase profitability.

“We’re investing up and down the UK with tremendous growth anticipated. Without the support and expertise at I-Tel we simply wouldn’t be able to sustain that pace of expansion.

Emilio Martinez
UK Project manager

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