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I-Tel specialises in sourcing and supplying goods and services that fall under the indirect procurement banner. We cover every operational requirement from consumables, furniture and IT, through to services such as facilities management (trades), accountancy, catering and janitorial. In short, if it keeps your office going, I-Tel can source, secure and supply it.
But that’s not all we do. We consider ourselves an integral member of your team. We’re here to help you advance your supply chain performance in any way we can – whether it’s through optimised procedures and internal processes, or offering guidance on best practise for quality and environmental management systems.

Benefits of working with us

Procurement Services

Professional, driving
savings & best practice

Our sophisticated back office infrastructure will bring your indirect procurement into the 21st century. Using a mix of data, automation and expertise we deliver results that improve every aspect of the business. Our platform allows you to forecast, analyse and refine your approach, to monitor & predict spend and to identify savings opportunities.

Our range of procurement services and processes can also be adapted to suit your business and its requirements. We can offer a fully, outsourced managed service or provide internal support and guidance to an existing team at a level set by you. So you can either leave the buying to the experts and concentrate on what you do best, or have our experts work alongside you, helping your teams to become more strategically focused.

Single Source Solution

Everything your business needs all in one place

Think about the number of suppliers you deal with and the amount of purchase orders, invoices, returns and late deliveries you manage on a monthly basis. Our bespoke service manages those processes, streamlining your procurement through efficiencies and automation, reducing your supply to a single order & invoice, a single point of supply and a single contract.

And by combining our vast network of suppliers with an IT infrastructure capable of comparing millions of items, we’ve revolutionised the way our clients do business.  Our systems monitor the market for price changes, stock availability and much more, ensuring you get the products you want for the best possible price – all from one platform.

Warehousing & Logistics

Flexible & customised

I-Tel’s warehousing and logistics service offers complete flexibility and optimal performance for your business. With your own dedicated stock location to use, you can hold goods from suppliers, including us, at one central point. I-Tel manages and distributes the stock, and provides detailed tracking and analysis on usage. We offer a bespoke pack building service, allowing you to split standard pack sizes and create customisable product packs for the specific needs of your users and locations – giving you ultimate flexibility over how you store and distribute your goods.

Through dedicated stock control management features you can monitor inventory levels, gain visibility over your supply chain and plan for the future. Our system allows you to:

  • Make savings by leveraging economies of scale
  • Mitigate risk by monitoring stock levels, analyse the market & forecast shortages
  • Ensure business continuity through accurate visibility over inventory
  • Gain price consistency, allowing for accurate spend forecasting over a set period
  • Specify brands to guarantee consistent product quality
E-Procurement Portal

Spend & requisition control

I-Tel’s supply chain and audit services are wide ranging, flexible and built to your needs. We offer a complete range of bespoke packages designed to optimise your indirect spend, from category analysis through to accounting, IT infrastructure and system efficiencies.
With our support, you get a clear and concise view of your spend, full visibility over your supply chain and year-round monitoring for continuous improvement of your indirect procurement.
We’ll help you to unlock your data too. As the premium commodity for modern business, data is key to gaining a clear, accurate understanding of your current position. We’ll get to the bottom of that.
The result is your essential benchmarking information extracted, formatted and analysed down to a granular level over the analysed period, giving you pinpoint insight into:

  • Product SKU & descriptions
  • Quantity ordered for each line
  • Prices paid and total line spend
  • Product category grouping (e.g.
  • Technology > Laptops > HP Laptops)
  • Delivery charges
  • Delivery site analysis
  • Trading terms review
  • Highlight identical products from multiple suppliers.
Sustainable Sourcing & Consolidation

Reduce your

environmental impact

Our sustainable approach puts the environment first. We offer a number of environmental services to help you reduce your carbon footprint and run a more sustainable business. Our IT asset disposal service is free, secure and nationwide. We’ll collect your old equipment at your location for free before recycling it responsibly.

We also offer a managed print service (MPS), that monitors the amount of paper, electricity and print consumable you use. Monitoring allows for incremental improvements to made, and for you to reduce your environmental footprint – with clearly demonstrable results to include in your Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Account's Integration & BI

Significantly reduced
admin, better controls,
& visibility

At I-Tel, we believe in keeping things simple. Buying goods shouldn’t be rocket science. Our eProcurement system is designed with that in mind. It makes sourcing and buying fast, efficient and intuitive. And because it’s built on cutting-edge technology, the strategic heavy lifting is taken care of – giving you an easy-to-use platform, and optimised indirect procurement without the need for intensive training. You’ll gain visibility over your spend, generate consistency and control over where you spend your money.

And because our platform seamlessly integrates with your accounting software, your orders, invoices and purchase data are mapped to your system, giving you:

  • Reduced admin, processing and paperwork
  • Automated invoice receipt & booking
    Reporting features & stock forecasting
  • Order Acknowledgments & tracking
  • Advanced reporting, benchmarking and KPI tracking
Cost Reduction Programme


tangible savings

We guarantee savings as standard. Our supply chain and audit service gives you a clear and concise view of your spend and full visibility over where savings can be made. On average our clients see a 15% saving on their indirect spend in the first month. In the following months they typically make a  further 10% savings through system efficiencies, automation and consolidation. They also see a significant reduction and saving in time and administration.

We continuously monitor prices, stocks levels and availability throughout the duration of the partnership, ensuring that your spend is optimised and costs are managed. Over time you get consistent cash savings, claw back lost time and generate value through better strategic partnerships with suppliers and vendors.

Tailored Support Services

Agile and flexible to suit your specific needs.

Our range of procurement services and processes can be adapted to suit your business and its requirements. We can provide a fully, outsourced managed service or internal support and guidance to an existing team at a level set by you.
With our Outsourced managed procurement service, you Leave the buying to the experts and concentrate on what you do best. You get data-backed and expert driven indirect procurement for the whole business, which is fully scalable to suit company size, demand and budget. You’ll save money through cost reduction and mitigate supply chain risk. And because support is ongoing you will increase profitability & performance, see constant improvement, and receive regular, detailed reports, analysing performance metrics, benchmarks and KPIs.
With our Internal procurement support package, our experts work alongside you, helping your teams to become more strategically focused. Here’s how we can support and lead the way:

  • Cost saving and efficiency improvements
  • Spend analysis and forecasting
  • Specific support for problem categories
  • Warehouse services including pick, pack and despatch
  • Comparison and product validation exercises
  • Supply chain testing to ensure you’re getting value and quality
  • Product and price benchmarking
  • Reporting, benchmarking and risk assessment
  • A regular point of contact who is responsible for KPI upkeep and delivery

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