let us manage your suppliers, so you don’t have to

Stop wasting time & resource on low value relationships

Most businesses have a handful of key suppliers who account for a large proportion of the spend.
These are likely to be strong, collaborative partnerships with a track record of competitive pricing and good service.

Alongside these you will often see a large number of secondary suppliers with whom little is spent.
This “tail spend” is costly and counter productive offering little or no value either to the business or its supplier.

Consolidate your low value supply chain to a single meaningful relationship with I-Tel

Benefit from a uniform buying experience, with all the products and services you need in one place.
We’ll manage supplier relationships behind the scenes, ensuring value, best practice and compliance.

Your administration will be reduced to a single import ready monthly invoice, mapped to your accountancy codes.

The impact is significant and typically results in savings of 15-25% whilst reducing risk and boosting efficiency.

Single source, redefined

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From e-procurement through to warehousing and logistics, we can provide an all encompassing solution, you wont find anywhere else.

Consolidating low value supplier relationships

Save money, save time, reduce risk.

Key suppliers

You manage your key suppliers

Your high value supplier relationships accounting for the majority of spend.

Strong, collaborative partnerships that are regularly reviewed and developed.

Tail spend

We manage your tail spend

Consolidate your low value supplier relationships to a single meaningful relationship with I-Tel Group 

By using I-Tel you get:

Real results that are built to last

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On average, companies that work with I-Tel cut costs by 15% in the first month and they continue to make savings throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

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