reduce admin,
gain insight

Consolidate invoice processing to a few clicks each month!

Processing paperwork costs you time and money. It creates work.
Operate any part of your supply chain through I-Tel for significantly reduced administration.

You’ll benefit from a single consolidated invoice for all your requirements.
Import ready, fully mapped to your accountancy codes.

Enhanced spend analysis at your fingertips

We empower clients with real-time visibility of spend through a series of bespoke reporting and dashboard features.
Make data-backed decisions with clarity and confidence.

Mapped to your chart of accounts

I-Tel will initially review and discuss your chart of accounts to ensure that our products and services are correctly mapped to your accounting system and that our output file contains all relevant fields.

This includes any department, project or site codes that may be in place to ensure spend is correctly allocated.

We also have a range of reporting and KPI functions available as part of our Business Intelligence service.

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Enhanced financial control with I-Tel

Our solutions cut a lengthy process to a few clicks, and empower you with data insightful reports and business intelligence features.

Accounts integration

Our system consolidates all invoices to a single monthly import-ready file, containing all necessary information and features:

  • Nominal mapping

    All products and services purchased from I-Tel are accurately mapped to the correct nominal codes within your accounting system.

  • Detailed descriptions

    Full descriptions by line, entered directly into your system – saving time on manual updates and entries, while providing clarity and improved accuracy.

  • Departments and cost centre coding

    All lines coded to the specific department, cost centre or project. This can be based upon shipping address, order source or another data field of your choice.

  • Customised reporting

    Monthly reports based on your imported invoice data, showing spend across categories, by department or by site. We provide month-on-month comparisons and can track against spend, budget or any other KPIs you choose.

  • EDI integration option

    EDI Integration fully automates the purchasing process, bringing maximum efficiency to your organisation. By trading through EDI, we’re able to systematically manage everything from the point of order through to invoice booking.

Business intelligence

We empower clients with real-time visibility of spend through a series of bespoke reporting and dashboard features.

  • Performance monitoring

    Full visibility and clarity over spend and KPI performance, in an easy digestible format.

  • Valuable insight

    The ability to drill down, track and compare any data point or group – from product lines, categories, nominal codes to users, sites and regions etc.

  • Fully aligned

    Data that is mapped to your internal nominal, department and cost centre codes, fully aligning to your business operation.

  • Strategic development

    Freedom to explore strategic activities with the knowledge and oversight in place while I-Tel manage the administrative burden.

  • Continuous review and development

    Though shared monitoring and analysis we refine dashboards and reports to keep them relevant and useful. Quarterly reporting and roadmap integrations ensure a seamless, progressive approach.

Build better business performance today by using I-Tel’s Business Intelligence solutions.

Real results that are built to last

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On average, companies that work with I-Tel cut costs by 15% in the first month and they continue to make savings throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

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